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This trademark identifies a product line of
Low Cost • High Impact • Full Color promotional materials
for Print or Web.
Look your best in print or on the web.
RealGraphics (pdf) Samples
for delivery via the web
In 1993 George started producing RealGraphics pages as an alternative to large run print jobs.

A RealGraphics Page is a very high quality master page that Color Copies are made from as needed. No computer necessary!

New for 2000
George offers
RealGraphics Files in pdf format that can be used for distribution on the web and/or output to most color printers for hardcopy handouts or mailings.

    You don't need any special software or knowledge of color printing. That's because these RealGraphics Files are in portable document format (pdf) which enable documents to retain their formatting in all computing environments and that means they look the same on every computer and print well to most color ink-jet or color laser printers.

High Resolution pdf files can be used for direct to press collateral materials which allows for as few as 50 pieces at a time to be printed eliminating the need for costly high volume print jobs that break the bank and create storage problems with the unused printed materials.

? Why RealGraphics Pages ?
1) You have access to a high quality Laser Copier for production.
2) You would like to frame the Master Page for display, gift or award.

? Why RealGraphics Files ?
1) You have a great color printer and want to print copies as needed.
2) You want to distribute the material over the web.
3) You are thinking of going to press.
4) You would like the flexibility to do any and all of the above.

Call today to find out more about RealGraphics ™ and the many ways to harness the power of Low Cost • High Impact • Full Color promotional materials for print or web.

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